The Zephyr Cafe has been a favourite among locals, tourists and seasonal Squamish visitors since opening their doors in 2008.

Located in the heart of Downtown Squamish, the Zephyr Cafe offers creative and tasty vegan, raw and gluten-free dishes. We’re a progressive cafe that encourages community growth and healthy eating. We regularly host community events and support local artists.



Adrian is the loud character who owns The Zephyr Cafe and is an aspiring community leader.

Adrian is attempting to use his Commerce Degree with a focus on Hospitality to create the best community space possible.

When he is not comically baking cookies or slinging coffee, he can be found colluding with anyone who will listen, to help create a stronger community in the City of Squamish. This includes his active membership in community groups and enterprises.

Most recently, Adrian has partnered up with Lauren Watson to create the Ground Up Climbing Center here in Squamish.



Amanda is the Zephyr’s leader and manager.

She’s been in Squamish for 8 years and loves psychology and philosophy. Though she prefers pulling strings from the kitchen, she is the funniest and most personable person around. Try not to hold it against her that she is French-Canadian.

Amanda is one of the original Zephyr Babes, which she has used to create many of the creative and cultural changes loved throughout the cafe. As a creative person, Amanda is an artist with a love for cultures and passions of others. She also has a fascination for annoyingly unanswerable questions. Amanda is a large part of the love behind Zephyr’s food and culture.